RO-MAN 2020 accepted

I am thrilled to let you know that our paper, with my colleagues Tiago Veiga, Pedro U. Lima, and Matthijs Spaan, has been accepted for publication at RO-MAN 2020.

The topic of the paper is Communication Planning in an information-gathering setting. In this paper, we considered the problem of a human-machine team, in which both the human and the machine are interested in a common set of features of interest, and the machine’s role is to gather information about these features of interest and report to the human.

Our, called multi-agent POMDP-IR (ma-POMDP-IR) allows an artificial agent to select the most relevant pieces of information to communicate to a human teammate based on what the agent thinks that the human already knows.

This work is part of my human-machine team research line. Indeed, I believe explicit and relevant communication is a key for an efficient collaboration between humans and machines, and this paper is a first stone towards this goal.

You can find the whole paper here.